Jason deCaires Taylor Underwater Sculpture

Jason deCaires Taylor MRSS (b.1974) is an award winning sculptor, environmentalist and professional underwater photographer. For the past 17 years, Taylor has been creating underwater museums and sculpture parks beneath the waves, submerging over 1,200 living artworks throughout the world’s oceans and seas. Themes explored by these artistic installations include, among others, the climate emergency, environmental activism, and the regenerative attributes of nature. The sculptures create a habitat for marine life whilst illustrating humanity’s fragility and its relationship with the marine world. Taylor’s subjects mainly feature members of the local community, focussing on their connections with their own coastal environments.

“Museums are places of conservation, education, and about protecting something sacred. We need to assign those same values to our oceans.”

Jason deCaires Taylor 

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Jason deCaires Taylor Sculpture Copper Maquettes

Jason deCaires Taylor Studio has produced a series of sculptures encrusted with artificially grown copper crystals. These replicate the natural formation of corals found on the underwater artwork installations.

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Jason deCaires Taylor Sculpture Mexico

Taylor’s work is a collaboration with nature. By using low carbon, pH neutral materials designed to be colonised, the surrounding environment transforms the artworks. Each sculpture is effectively an artificial reef that provides new habitat spaces for a variety of marine life whilst drawing tourists away from natural, fragile areas. The works, which are assimilated by the sea, send a message of regeneration and hope at a time of significant threats to our marine world.

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Jason deCaires Taylor Projects Worldwide

Each year, over half a million people worldwide visit Taylor’s underwater museums and sculpture parks. These unique attractions act as portals to the marine world and provide visitors with intimate encounters with marine life and an alternative perspective on our blue planet.

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Jason deCaires Taylor Underwater Sculpture Museo Atlántico

Explore the various projects that are located throughout the world including in the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean Sea and North Sea. The galleries depict the transition the sculptures go through from being static inert forms to dynamic living reefs.

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Jason deCaires Taylor Coral Growth Artificial Reef (MUSA)