Inverted Solitude

Location (see map): Chepstow, UK
Depth: 2m
Installation Date: 2009

Inverted Solitude is a lone figure suspended upside down beneath a floating platform in The National Diving and Activities Centre, Chepstow, UK. The site, originally a stone quarry, is the deepest inland body of water in the UK, reaching depths of over 80m. The pontoon where the sculpture is permanently fixed is currently used for national free diving competitions and training.

The sculpture, cast from BBC presenter Mike Fishetti, was constructed using a combination of pH neutral cement and fibreglass. The artwork was filmed as part of a production for SMART Art on the BBC network. The programme documented the process from initial casting to installation.

Inverted Solitude aims to explore reflection, space, isolation and extended being. When viewed from below, it reflects a mirror image onto the surface of the water, suggesting that a figure is standing on the platform staring down into the deep. This reversal of context aims to create a portal into our own world, revealing an alter presence. The inverted and lonely demeanour of the figure also shows a man distanced from society. Arms folded resolutely, he is left to reflect on a life in which pride and self obsession have created an impenetrable barrier.

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Commissioned by: The BBC network
Materials: pH neutral cement

Inverted Solitude Jason deCaires Taylor Underwater Sculpture
Jason deCaires Taylor Aegean Heliopora Coerulea Maquette

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