Sculpture at Under

Location (see map): Lindesnes, Norway
Depth: 5m
Installation Date: 2019

Under was designed by Oslo-based architects Snøhetta for local hoteliers Stig and Gaute Ubostad. It is a 34m long, semi-submerged restaurant found within the North Atlantic Ocean. The concrete walls of the building are 1/2 a metre thick to withstand the demanding sea conditions and to encourage marine life. The building acts as a restaurant, an artificial reef and a research centre. As part of the artificial reef aspect of this project, Jason deCaires Taylor installed a sculpture in the surrounding seabed that is viewable from the restaurant.

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Commissioned by: Stig and Gaute Ubostad
Materials: pH neutral cement

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Jason deCaires Taylor Cerulean Alveopora Verrilliana 2 Maquette

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