Ocean Sentinels

Location (see map): John Brewer Reef, Australia, Pacific Ocean
Installation Date2023

Ocean Sentinels is a series of 8 sculptures, in hybrid form, a synthesis of human figures and natural marine forms. The human figures are predominately Australians whose work in the fields of marine science and marine conservation have been highly commended and influential in our understanding of reef protection. The stylised marine forms that surround and envelop them represent their particular field of study and expertise. The artworks aim to create an educational and informative introduction to the Great Barrier Reef, celebrating its rich history, its connection to some of the world’s leading marine science institutions, as well as its strong links to indigenous cultures and traditions.

The works are located in the Museum of Underwater Art (MOUA) site within John Brewer Reef and at a shallow depth, which makes it ideal for snorkelers and divers alike. All the sculptures are constructed with a low centre of gravity in order to resist strong oceanic forces. They are made from a new high-grade, low-carbon Earth Friendly Concrete and reinforced with marine grade stainless steel. 

The textured surfaces and forms of the artworks are designed to be colonised by marine life. It is hoped that in years to come a variety of endemic species such as corals, sponges and hydroids will change the sculptures’ appearance in vibrant and unpredictable ways. Like the Great Barrier Reef itself, they will become a living and evolving part of the ecosystem, emphasising both its fragility and endurance.

Ocean Sentinels features Professor Charlie Veron, Professor Peter Harrison, Jayme Marshall, Dr David Vaughan, Dr Katharina Fabricius, Dr Richard Braley, Sir Maurice Yonge, and Molly Steer. For more information about each of the muses, please click here.

Commissioned by: Museum of Underwater Art (MOUA), Townsville, Australia and funded by state and federal governments funds.

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Jason deCaires Taylor Ocean Sentinels Series Charlie Veron
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